Video of Troupe Sicorae. Documentary of Troupe Sicorae by Kara Brown as part of her graduate studies. Featuring Sher Brophy.
Video of Troupe Sicorae Two Kate Webblink developed this beautiful video by blending footage of Troupe Sicorae members by blending multiple performances. With Leslie Mertz, Chandreyee Mitra, and Christine O'Keefe.
Video of Troupe Sicorae Three Skirts! Troupe Sicorae uses skirts as props to enhance our movement. Video taken at the Lancaster County Fair in 2011. Featuring Sher Brophy, Mona Spratlen, Cassie Marting, and Kerin Bunstock. Video by Kate Webblink.
Video of Troupe Sicorae Four Swords! Troupe Sicorae warrior women perform with swords at the Lancaster County Fair in 2011. Featuring Leslie Mertz, Chandreyee Mitra, Stephanie Miller and Lana Gabel. Video by Kate Webblink.

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