Improvisational Belly Dance

Troupe Sicorae is a group of women bound together by friendship and dance. We are an improvisational, tribal-style belly dance troupe. Tribal belly dance blends the folkloric, nomadic, and classical dances of the Middle East, Spain, India, Egypt, and many other cultures along the Silk Road.

As this dance has passed through generations and traveled around the world, it has seen many changes, though one thing remains -- we celebrate the subtlety, power, and grace of the female through the dance. We have taken these roots and developed a dance that echoes through the ages.

Physically challenging and spiritually grounding, tribal belly dance empowers women. As we dance in our circle, a community of all sizes and ages develops. It is a dance for every body. The result is a delicate fusion of feminine grace, passionate improvisation, and deliberate spiritual connection.

9 Muses Studio is our home. We teach classes relating to Tribal Style Belly dance and often have open houses where we perform. Stop by sometime!

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